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Why Mental Health Matters


In the health and fitness industry, we're almost always talking about physical wellness. Whether we're discussing exercise or nutrition, we're generally referring to our bodies when we mention health.

But one component of health that is often overlooked in this industry is our mental and emotional wellbeing. Perhaps it's because results are less obvious, and we can't necessarily see our improvements in the mirror. Even with nutrition, there is a physical transition that happens when we fuel our bodies with healthy foods.

Mental health is essential, though, and it's something that needs to be addressed more often. You don't have to be diagnosed with mental health conditions to care for your mind, either. Anxiety and depression exist in many forms, from seasonal depression to postpartum to even situational depression in response to life changes.

This is especially true right now, during a pandemic. All of us are experiencing changes to our emotional and mental wellbeing. But if we don't talk about it or acknowledge our mental health, how are we supposed to take care of our overall wellbeing?

We can start by recognizing the importance of mental wellness and seeking help if we find ourselves suffering from anxiety or depression. But more generally, we can care for ourselves through practices like mindfulness and meditation, time spent in nature, adequate rest, and spending time with the ones we love (safely, of course).

Everything in us is interlinked—fitness impacts our mental health, as does nutrition. Think about your body like a circle, where each action is in response to another. For ultimate wellness, we need to consider our minds as part of the total equation.

Take care of your mental health this weekend by trying these screen-free activities and positive headspace actions. We also recommend journaling, reading, and relaxing your body when need-be.

Remember that wherever you're at in your mental health journey, you are not alone. And if you need to reach out for help, that's okay too.

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