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4 Ways To Improve Your Running

If running is on your goals list for 2021, you're in good company. With gyms staying closed (at least in some cities), it's a great time to hit the pavement and explore your city on foot.

Whether you're a first time runner, getting back into it, or just looking for some new tips, here are four ways to improve your running workouts:


Invest In Quality Shoes

Tip number one is a no-brainer: to start running, you need a pair of quality shoes. Try not to skimp here. Your shoes need to support your body for many miles. And everyone's feet are a bit different depending on your biomechanics.

We recommend heading to your local running store as the staff can fit you and help you find exactly what you need. Trust us; it's worth the time and money to have the right shoes for the road.


Start With Small Goals

When you start out running, it's easy to set big goals. Maybe you want to run a marathon before the end of the year, or you're setting out to run a few miles each day. But sometimes, these big goals can be overwhelming, and they can actually prevent us from lacing up at all.

Instead, start with small goals—like running twice a week. Pick a local 5k that you can train for. Small goals lead to bigger goals, but what's most important is starting at all.


Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

This is a big one—athletes need to stretch, which couldn't be more true than for runners. Stretching prevents injury, and it also makes running much more comfortable. There's nothing worse than trying to run a mile on tight quads.

Try these stretches to get you warmed up before your next run. Then use a foam roller or massage gun afterward.


Don't Forget Strength Training

Finally, don't limit yourself to only running. Overall physical wellness includes cardio and strength training. We like to alternate between our runs and strength workouts a few times a week.

Besides, working on your strength only helps you become a better runner in the long run (pun intended). Here's how to pick the best set of weights for your at-home gym.


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