July 01, 2016

Kristina Knight

I really, really hate writing reviews. I feel like I have to pour my heart, soul, and 4 hours of my life into them to be worthy enough to actually help people. So what changed? Last night. I have been GF for a few years now, and always found it hard to find bars that I liked that didn't have dates, tons of sugar, soy (I hate soy!), or nasty whey protein. I wasn't trying to work out, gain/loose weight, get ripped. I just wanted an on the go bar. NEGU was it. Delicious, GF, and ready to tackle the day. But, that isn't why I am writing this review. You can find GF anything these days (the trend caught on!). I recently went Dairy/Lactose Free and it has been one of the hardest things, ever. I was almost in tears. I just wanted a tall glass of ice cold chocolate milk (remember, I don't like soy!), or an enchilada, or a Hershey's bar. Anything! As tears went down my face, I opened my freezer for the nth time last night, looking for something to settle my chocolate craving. Imagine my shock (and ignorance!) when I look into the freezer door and staring at me in the face....BIYU.... "LACTOSE FREE"..... Wait... WHAT? Vukoo is GF AND LACTOSE FREE?! I promptly ripped the package open, and my tears were now of joy. The dairy free Hershey's with Almonds bar I had been desperately seeking had been found. I know my GF/D/LF journey will be hard, but knowing I have Vukoo with me makes it just a little easier....

June 02, 2016

Amber Hollis

Loving all the Vukoo bar flavors! They are real food for real nutrition! They taste great and fill me up when I'm on the go!
June 02, 2016

Jamie Bartels

I am so excited to have a box of bars that are super tasty and fill my afternoon “I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW” craving. I don’t feel guilty chowing down on a Vukoo at 2 in the afternoon. I love putting real food in my body so that I can operate at maximum efficiency.
May 27, 2016

Vincent Mudalair

I love these gluten-free Vukoo bars! Every Morning on my long commute I grab one and just enjoy the ride!!!!

May 26, 2016

Jewels Burdick

These gluten-free Vukoo bars are awesome! They taste fantastic and just 1/2 a bar filled me up for lunch today! I'm positive we'll be ordering more!

May 25, 2016

Tonya Henderson

I love that you have created something nutritious that tastes good, without being overly sweet. ...Sweeter by far is the experience of meeting an entrepreneur who lives and breathes corporate social responsibility!

May 19, 2016

Griffin Hill

Vukoo bars are delicious, an amazing post-workout snack, and so filling, too! We have sampled Vukoo bars in my Pure Barre studio several times, and my clients rave about them and always ask for more!

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