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Shawn Werner

"It seems the consensus of health-conscious individuals is hesitancy regarding meal replacements and nutrition. Given I am one of these individuals, I take great precaution when I consider these elements. One way of doing so is consuming protein bars; Vukoo became that exclusive brand of protein bars I can trust ethically, nutritionally, mindfully, and the flavors are incredible. No other brand has been able to meet my expectations, which, I think, speaks volumes about what Vukoo is.

On a practical level, Vukoo proves to be quite advantageous when I play hockey. It takes a sizable amount of energy just to maintain body heat alone when playing outdoors (especially during these Wisconsin winters!), and even more energy when actively playing. Vukoo became my new "pre-workout" supplement with evident results and, subsequently, it replaced the original protein bar brand I normally consumed before hitting the ice.

With that said, if you are considering Vukoo at this point, I encourage you to take that next step and experience Vukoo for yourself."

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