The Vukoo Story


Welcome to Vukoo, home to the world’s most inspirational organic and all natural protein bar, and a brand that is built on the premise of maximizing human potential. We believe that every human being deserves the chance to live their absolute best life, and Vukoo protein bars are the embodiment of this vision.


So what does the name Vukoo actually mean? To us, it means “For one to recognize and act upon their greatness and potential from within.”


This might sound a little high-reaching for a simple protein bar, but it’s the cornerstone of our brand and each and everything we do within our business. We are not only committed to bringing you the highest quality product, responsibly sourced, and crafted with care and attention; we are intentionally creating a brand that is inspirational, that allows people to explore the world beyond their boundaries and discover their greatest self.


The original Vukoo bar concept came about when our founder Christopher Hesse was training for fitness competitions back in 2012; discontented with bad tasting, poorly made, chemically enhanced protein bars, which eventually started to have detrimental effects on his health and wellbeing, he decided to create something for himself.


But his disillusionment with the world of fitness extended beyond the lack of quality protein bars; like many of us pursuing the path of fitness and conditioning, spending hours in the gym and eating endless chicken and broccoli dinners, Chris also found that his pursuit for physical perfection was void of any real sense of happiness or accomplishment.


In his search for something more meaningful, Vukoo was born, and with it a line of products that sustain the body, engage the mind and ignite the soul.


It comes down to this simple quote: "YOUR LEGACY BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE." - Vincero

In a world where nothing is certain, the choices we make today are the ones that count, the choices that ensure our health, and the choices that create our happiness.



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