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Farm To Bar™

Each Vukoo refrigerated gourmet protein bar is made with ingredients sourced using regenerative and sustainable agriculture to raise consciousness for the planet, farmers, and community.

More than just a protein bar.®

refrigerated protein bars

Nourishment for everyone

Kids love being honest! And we love giving honest nutrition. Vukoo's plant based, refrigerated protein bar, Gourmet Bars™ are a mothers go-to gluten-free refrigerated protein snack for fueling their families. Feeling confident knowing your child is enjoying a healthy snack has never felt so right! Low sugar, good fiber, and protein that keeps their tummies full, and nap times on schedule.

Keeping the environment in mind.

We use Mushroom® Packaging shipping materials that "Return to Earth" in 45 days.

Our protective packaging, made from just hemp and mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms) is both insulating and fully home-compostable; and will completely degrade and return nutrients back to the earth when broken into small pieces and placed in your garden or home compost.

Our custom Vukoo® Mushroom® Packaging is grown, not manufactured, and is a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified solution made from hemp hurd, a waste stream from the fiber industry, and the roots of mushrooms (mycelium) are a natural glue.

Vukoo® Mushroom® Packaging helps make us sustainable and reduces our carbon footprint.

Compostable Packaging for Protein Bars

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