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Vukoo's Refrigerated Gourmet Protein Bars

Say goodbye to boring refrigerated protein bars and hello to rich, indulgent treats on the go. Each refrigerated gourmet protein bar features intense cocoa that serves as a background for the starring ingredients. Our protein bars are gluten free and organic making these snacks magically sweet enough to satisfy your cravings, without derailing the low-sugar nutritional value of each refrigerated protein bar. 

Try our gluten-free plant based refrigerated protein bars today and see what our fans are raving about.



What to expect

  • Our gluten free and organic snack bars are a little chewy - like your favorite fudgy brownies. Never dry, never chalky, never slimy. 
  • They're a little sweet - but not overly sweet. So they work well when you're missing your favorite chocolate bar, but also satisfy when you want a convenient lunch or dinner on the go. 
  • They've got a terrifically healthy oat base that gives us awesome fiber, but you won't notice the taste or texture of oats.
  • They taste great either straight from the fridge, but they also taste good at room temperature. You might find you have a preference, so try them both ways.


NOTE: Vukoo's plant based refrigerated protein bars are raw and "live" food which do not contain any preservatives and are therefore PERISHABLE. We use Mushroom® Packaging to insulate these protein bars during shipment to ensure quality and care. Keep refrigerated and keep frozen for optimal freshness! (Good to take on-the-go or leave out for 1-week @72 degrees Fahrenheit)