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Kristina Knight

I really, really hate writing reviews. I feel like I have to pour my heart, soul, and 4 hours of my life into them to be worthy enough to actually help people. So what changed? Last night. I have been GF for a few years now, and always found it hard to find bars that I liked that didn't have dates, tons of sugar, soy (I hate soy!), or nasty whey protein. I wasn't trying to work out, gain/loose weight, get ripped. I just wanted an on the go bar. Almond Brownie was it. Delicious, GF, and ready to tackle the day. But, that isn't why I am writing this review. You can find GF anything these days (the trend caught on!). I recently went Dairy/Lactose Free and it has been one of the hardest things, ever. I was almost in tears. I just wanted a tall glass of ice cold chocolate milk (remember, I don't like soy!), or an enchilada, or a Hershey's bar. Anything! As tears went down my face, I opened my freezer for the nth time last night, looking for something to settle my chocolate craving. Imagine my shock (and ignorance!) when I look into the freezer door and staring at me in the face....Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut.... "LACTOSE FREE"..... Wait... WHAT? Vukoo is GF AND LACTOSE FREE?! I promptly ripped the package open, and my tears were now of joy. The dairy free Hershey's with Almonds bar I had been desperately seeking had been found. I know my GF/D/LF journey will be hard, but knowing I have Vukoo with me makes it just a little easier....

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