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The How, When, and Why Behind Massage Guns


If you've spent any time on fitness blogs or social media channels this past year, you may know that massage guns (like this Theragun) are all the rage. But how exactly do we use these things?

While it may seem self-explanatory (simply turn it on), we have a lot of questions about proper use. For starters, how often should we be using it? And when? Is it most beneficial before or after the workout? And what about all those different attachments? 

If you've been wondering about massage guns, too, keep reading. We break down the how, the when, and the why. 


1. How To Use A Massage Gun

When it comes to using a massage gun on your muscles, we first recommending following the instruction manual for your specific device. But if you're looking for certain techniques or patterns, we love this tutorial from Dr. Jo that includes a very basic breakdown for using the gun on your neck and shoulders. 

Youtube has a lot of other great tutorials for using the gun to heal pain all over your body. Just be sure to start gentle and consult your manual for safety tips. While it may feel good, too much use can bruise or injure your muscles!


2. When To Use A Massage Gun

You can use a massage gun at different times throughout the day. While most often thought of as recovery tools, these devices can also be great for warming up your muscles pre-workout, or even if you've been sitting all day. The massage gun can help stimulate blood flow.

When using post-workout, "the gun can, in theory, help you relax your nervous system," says Men's Health. "The sooner you fire up your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps govern rest and relaxation, the sooner your body shifts into recovery mode."

Consider using it at different times and take note of any differences you notice in your body. 


3. Why Use A Massage Gun

It's simple: This device is an excellent tool for aiding in muscle recovery, as well as increasing blood flow. Massage guns are a favorite tool in the health and fitness world for their ease of use and effectiveness. While foam rollers, stretching, chiropractic care, in-person massages, and physical therapy can't be replaced by a massage gun, it can definitely help if you're feeling sore or tight. That makes it a no brainer in our book! 


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