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It's Time to Start Taking Sleep More Seriously

Why does it seem so challenging to get eight hours of sleep? Are we too busy? Is it that we're so exhausted from work that we feel compelled to lounge in front of the TV until it's way past our bedtime? Why is it that we can put in the time at the gym and fuel our body with nutrient-rich foods, but when it comes to sleep, we'd rather function on minimal hours?

Sleep isn't only essential for our mental health and overall wellbeing, it's necessary for our physical health, too. From physical recovery to fighting off illnesses, our bodies crave quantity and quality rest. So why don't we gift ourselves with this rest? And what are some practical ways we can hold ourselves accountable for getting enough sleep?


Create Firm Sleep Boundaries

First, we can create and maintain firm sleep boundaries. Choose the time you go to sleep and rise, and then stick to it. It's truly that simple. Set the alarm on your phone (there are fantastic apps that'll ping you when it's time to start prepping for bed) and commit yourself. Keep to this schedule for a few weeks, and we guarantee you'll be feeling like your best self. Better yet, keep with this routine, and you'll train your body to wake up on its own. You won't ever need an alarm again.


Don't Eat Before Bed

Eating three or fewer hours before bed is a big no-no, and having a large meal so close to your bedtime can interfere with the quality of your sleep. The same goes for alcohol or sugary beverages (stick to one small cup of herbal tea—too much liquid, and your bladder will be your midnight alarm clock). Be as serious about your diet boundaries as you are about your sleep boundaries. Aim to eat dinner at the same time each night to create a routine. 


Keep A Sleep Log

One way to get serious about your sleep is to keep a sleep log. Track your sleeping hours, note the quality of your rest, and record your dreams. You can even listen to sleep podcasts, invest in a proper mattress, and use relaxation aids (essential oils, sleep teas, etc.) to improve your rest.


Treat Sleep Like You Do Your Workouts

Finally, treat sleep the same way you do your workouts. Take some of that motivation and consistency you channel into your gym time and direct it towards your sleep. Seriously. So much can change physically, mentally, and emotionally when we prioritize quantity and quality rest. The best part is? You can start tonight.


What are some of your tricks for ensuring quantity and quality sleep? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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