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4 New Workouts To Try This Spring

Sometimes we need to add a little excitement to our workout routine and, with April on the horizon (hello, spring!), now feels like the perfect time to freshen things up and try something new.

If you've been looking to take a new fitness class or take your workouts outdoors, now is as good a time as ever. Here are 4 workout variations we are eager to try this spring:


1. Bouldering

Similar to rock climbing, bouldering allows you to free climb without ropes. Because vertical climbing can be quite technical and requires safety knowledge before tackling any real cliffs, we're all about this sport that allows for falls on crash pads. We suggest trying this out with supervision first at your nearest rock climbing gym so you learn how to fall properly, but it seems like the perfect full body workout that's also a whole lot of fun. 


2. Swimming

Many of us forget that most gyms have a pool, and we're excited to try ours out this spring. Swimming is excellent for cardio and building endurance; it's also low-impact and gentle on your bones and joints. As the days warm up, it's also a great time to cool off with a few laps. 


3. Ballet Class

Not only for kids or professionals (you can take a dance class at any age!), ballet is both mentally and physically challenging for your body. Practice working on your balance and building strength with isolated exercises this spring at a local studio. 


4. Mountain Biking

If you love hiking and spending your weekend outdoors, why not explore some trails on a mountain bike? While it may feel like you're having too much fun to be getting in a good workout, we promise your muscles are working hard. Don't believe us? Just wait to see how you feel the next day. If you do give mountain biking a try, remember to stay safe and wear a helmet. 


As a reminder, make sure to stay hydrated throughout your workouts and bring a Vukoo Bar along for some post-fitness fuel! 


What new fitness activities are you excited to try this spring? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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