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Our Favorite Foods For Heart Health

It goes without saying, but heart health is important. It's essential, actually, for life but also for fitness and so that we can move and use our bodies to their fullest potential.

Today we're discussing a few of our favorite foods for heart health—to keep them pumping strong and supporting our active lifestyles. Let us know a few of your favorite heart healthy foods as well! You can share with us on Facebook or Instagram!


1. Leafy Greens

Likely the most obvious food on the list: leafy greens are excellent for heart health, especially since they're packed with so many essential vitamins and nutrients. Kale, arugula, spinach are a few of our favorites, but the list is long when it comes to all the leafy green goodness out there. It's really the nitrate we're after, according to studies. Just one cup can offer you benefits to combat common heart diseases.


2. Avocados

New studies claim that one of our very favorite fruits (yes, fruits!) is an excellent food for your heart. Yep, avocados may be linked to healthy heart benefits, and research points to avos lowering cardiovascular disease and improving cholesterol. You don't have to tell us twice though! 


3. Walnuts

For all you nut fans, you'll love this one. Walnuts have been linked to lowering bad cholesterol and improving overall heart health. All it takes is about half a cup a day—a perfect afternoon snack or addition to your morning yogurt. Get even more creative by trying out this vegan walnut pesto.


4. Green Tea

You may want to consider swapping out coffee for green tea—at least some of the time. Studies have shown green tea can reduce blood pressure and even lower cholesterol. So drink up, and add some honey for additional benefits!

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