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4 Health Benefits of Honey

If you haven’t noticed from our absolutely delicious NEGU bars, we at Vukoo love honey, especially when its Colorado Wildflower Honey! We love how it’s sweet and thick, and we love that it pairs so perfectly with almonds. We also love that it is relatively good for you (in moderation, of course).


For example, we don’t recommend using honey on a daily basis, but it can be an excellent sweetener for baking, coffee/tea, or to drizzle on your morning granola. Just keep consumption minimal as honey is high in sugar. A little goes a long way, and even a small amount can benefit your health.

Curious to know more? Here are a few health benefits of honey:


1. Honey is Rich in Antioxidants

High-quality, locally-produced honey can be rich in antioxidants—including phenols, enzymes and compounds like flavonoids and organic acids—and these antioxidants can help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, or stroke. Antioxidants have also been known to benefit the health of our eyes.


2. Honey Can Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are a form of dietary fat found in meats, dairy, and some cooking oils. Triglycerides have also been shown to rise with excess sugar and carbohydrates. Some studies have found though that honey can help town triglycerides in general, and when replacing sugar.


3. Honey Can Help Heal Burns and Wounds

One of our favorite benefits of honey is that it can help heal burns and wounds when applied topically. Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, researchers have found honey is a natural healer as it nourishes the tissue around your wound.


4. Honey Alleviates Allergies (Still Up For Debate)

While this is still up for debate, legend says that consuming local honey—specifically during allergy season—is a natural remedy to alleviate your sneezes, watery eyes, and other allergy symptoms.

What are your favorite ways to consume a little honey? (Aside from in the NEGU bar, of course!) Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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