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Spring Clean Your Health Routine!

Now that spring is here (almost!), it’s time to do some spring cleaning—and not just the dusting/sweeping/mopping/re-organizing kind. While we definitely recommend disinfecting your home and cleaning out all that winter dust, in this blog we’re talking about spring cleaning your health routine. Here’s what we mean:


1. Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Now that winter is almost over, expect your local farmers market to be announcing 2018 opening days soon. Change up your shopping habits and get some sun while purchasing your produce in the coming weeks. Because, as much as we all love navigating the crowds and over picked produce section of our chain grocery stores, it’s time to get back outside and support the local farmers! Buy organic when possible.

2. Clean Out Your Cabinets and Fridge

So this one does have to do with house cleaning: spring means it’s time to clean your kitchen. Grab a box and go through your cabinets and fridge. See something that is about to expire? Have some extra canned goods leftover from the holidays? Non-perishable items are perfect to donate to your local charity. And if you have something that is about to expire, you can ask the charity about anti-food waste programs in the community. You can also ask your neighbors if they need any of the items before you decide to throw them away.

Make sure to wipe down and disinfect your fridge before putting everything back!


3. Clean Your Gym Accessories

This should be done year-round, but if you haven’t done it in a few weeks, use spring as an excuse to disinfect your gym accessories. We’re talking headphones, yoga mat, water bottle, lifting gloves, etc. And if your gym shoes are starting to smell, try using these homemade shoe deodorizer sachets.

4. Clean Up Your Goals

This is more of a mental clean. With spring around the corner, go back over the goals you set at the beginning of the year. How have the past few months been? Are you making progress?

Go over these goals and make adjustments where they are needed. You can also set some new health goals specific for the warmer months. Try to incorporate more outside activity, meals with local and in-season produce, and quality time spent with people who are important to you.



How are you going to be spring cleaning your health routine in the coming weeks? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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