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Inspiration For Colorado’s Spring Blizzards: Don’t Skip Your Workouts!


If you have lived in Colorado for more than a year, you are now familiar with the spring (and sometimes early summer) snow storms our state is likely (no, certain) to experience. While it seems the rest of the world is packing away their winter jackets and soaking up the warm rays, Coloradans are forced to endure one (if not a few) late-season snowstorms—complete with the harsh winds, icy sidewalks, and terrible traffic.

And it’s during these storms when we most often feel like skipping our workouts. Because, here’s the thing: we have already started running outside in the spring air! After months cooped up in the gym, the crisp mountain air is the one thing that makes our daily sweat-sesh extra special. Right? We finally get to be outside and enjoy our wonderful state!

But then the snow comes. Again. And we think, isn’t it supposed to be spring already!?

Just like during the dark days of winter, we are forced to trek to the gym where fresh air does not exist, and where we must wait our turn for equipment. Better yet, skipping our workout altogether begins to sound like a good idea. We tell ourselves that the roads aren’t safe (which, if they aren’t, please stay home) or I already paused my membership for the warmer months, or my body deserves an extra rest day…This is when Netflix starts to allure you.

But here’s the thing: while avoiding the angry, spring-fevered gym crowds might be a good idea, skipping your workout is not. Here’s why:

Dedication and consistency matter—especially when completing your workout is the last thing you want to do.

While we get that it is extra hard to motivate yourself when the weather is awful outside, it’s important to stay consistent with your food and exercise habits—this will help you to reach your health goals.

If heading to the gym really isn’t an option, opt instead for an at-home workout. We know it’s not ideal but think of it as a way to strengthen your mind, and a way to practice willpower. Throw on a 30-minute Youtube video (there are thousands of great yoga, HIIT, boxing, ab circuit, etc. videos out there) or use one of our at-home workout guides to motivate you.

Whatever you decide, choose to exercise your body and do something active—even during Colorado’s unwelcome spring blizzards. We believe in you. You got this!

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