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5 Suggestions to Help Alleviate Allergies This Spring


Are allergies getting the best of you this spring? No one likes to sneeze and sniffle all day for an entire season. Colorado can be especially awful with dry air, mountain wind, and the constant shift between sun and snow. We get it; allergies are the worst.But there are a few healthy and natural ways to combat allergies this spring. Here's how:


Drink Hot Tea

Tea contains natural antihistamines, making it an excellent beverage to reduce allergy symptoms. Choose a non-caffeinated tea—preferably green tea—and sip a cup first thing in the morning to combat a stuffy nose and sneezes.


Add a Probiotic to Your Diet

Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” and resemble the bacteria living inside the human digestive system. By adding a probiotic to your diet, experts suggest you are helping to regulate your immune system and, in turn, will experience fewer sneezes and allergic reactions. Pick up some yogurt, fermented milk, or dietary supplements at your local grocery store.


Decorate With Plants

Houseplants have been known to help clean air in homes, but did you know they can also grab allergens and hold them in their leaves? Dracaena are perfect to rid your rooms of floating allergens. Other plants to help with clearing the air include mums, gerbera daisies, areca palms, and lady palms.


Load Up On Local Honey

A popular suggestion during allergy season: consuming local honey can help your body adjust to pollen in your area. While the verdict is still out on medical evidence, we love the idea of supporting your local honey suppliers and adding a small drizzle to your morning oatmeal. 


Inhale Some Eucalyptus Oil

Essential Oils have been all the craze in the last few years, but for good reason. Investing in an essential oil diffuser can improve your sleep, work flow, and immunity. We love using Eucalyptus (or Peppermint) Oil to help alleviate congestion and allergy symptoms at night.



What are your suggestions for alleviating allergy symptoms in the spring? Share your advice with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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