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Tips to Jumpstart Your 2022 Fitness Routine After the Holidays


It can be hard to get back into a routine after a long holiday vacation. Too many late nights and carb-heavy meals make us feel sluggish and unprepared for our alarm clocks in the morning. But, as the old saying goes, too much of a good thing can quickly spoil (or something like that), which is why it's important to say farewell to the holiday cheer and get back at it with our health and fitness routine.

There are a few things that make rebooting routine a bit easier. Because New Year's fell on a weekend this year, we recommend using this first week to reintroduce your body to old habits and new routines. Then, next weekend, you can slowly (because everything takes time and wellness shouldn't be rushed), you can lay the foundation for fitness and health this year. 

For example: Sometime this week, clear out your refrigerator. Toss out holiday casseroles that have spoiled and donate the extra food you know you won't eat. Wipe down your shelves and organize your cabinets, preparing your kitchen for a haul of whole foods and healthy snacks. Then, next weekend, go to the grocery store or your favorite winter farmer's market. Keep meals easy and simple in January, focusing on eating colorful and wholesome produce alongside some proteins and grains. Whip up a few smoothies for breakfast if you're feeling creative.

Also, dust off your gym sneakers. Do your laundry and get your gym bag ready to go for the month (no need to run off to the gym this week while it's packed with newbies!). Instead, spend time outside, doing something active, even if it means taking an extra-long walk with the dog. Take it slow at first as you begin practicing your routines again.

The hard part is going to be the evening. For the last few weeks, you've been spending each night with friends or holiday films and your favorite sweets and adult beverages. Now, though, is the time to have a wholesome dinner at, well, dinnertime. Opt for water and a calming cup of tea before bed. Read instead of watching TV. And then get to sleep—early. The more zzz's you get, especially during winter months, the easier it will be to resist the snooze button at 6 am in the coming weeks.
Remember, you've got this! Everything in moderation. Take these next few weeks slow and be gentle on yourself as you begin your new year. Happy 2022!

What are your tricks and tips for jumpstarting routine after the holidays? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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