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5 Foods to Eat Post-Holidays

The holidays are winding down, and (apart from a New Year's Eve celebration), we're reeling in the celebratory drinks and sugary treats. Because our bodies can only take so many cookies, you know? While we're all for balance and fostering a no-shame holiday mentality, we're ready to feed our body whole, plant-based, nutritious foods. Here are a few of the meals you can find us cooking-up this post-holiday weekend:


1. Big, Leafy Salads

Does anyone else feel like it's been too long since eating a big, leafy salad? With all of Grandma's cakes and pies and casseroles this past holiday season, we're more than ready for a big bowl of organic greens. You can find us loading up our bed of lettuce with healthy grains (quinoa), fresh tomatoes and avocados, and a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Try adding some crunchy nuts and seeds, too, for some healthy fats. 


2. Gut-Friendly Foods

After the holidays, it's necessary to detox and reset the digestive system with some gut-friendly, anti-inflammatory foods. Turmeric and ginger tea will be our go-to morning beverage, and, in the afternoon, we'll be munching on pickled beets or some sauerkraut with whole-grain crackers. Chia seeds are also great for restoring gut-health, so sprinkle them on those big, leafy salads.


3. Homemade Veggie Broth

It's easy to make homemade veggie broth from leftover produce scraps. If you're not feeling great this weekend because of too much sugar and/or adult-beverages, consider sipping on a bowl of healthy and organic broth for an afternoon snack.


4. Water, Water, and More Water

Okay, it may not be a meal, but we are most definitely guzzling the water this weekend. After one too many adult beverages, our bodies are craving some H20. Make sure to hydrate plenty after a week of fun (but dehydrating) activities.


5. Vukoo Bars

Because they're healthy, farm-fresh, and delicious! Need we say more? (Stay tuned for new flavors coming January 2020!)


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