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5 Low-Impact Exercises to Try in 2020

We should always be thinking about and protecting our joints. Whether injured or not, our body needs us to be conscious and considerate of how we move—especially during intense workouts and HIIT sessions. 

That's why, a few times a week, we prioritize low-impact exercises. From cardio to weight-lifting, these low-impact activities break a sweat without putting stress on your joints and ligaments. Give them a try. 



1. Yoga

We love yoga for its numerous benefits, and we especially love that it's low-impact. Whether you're recovering from an injury or just need to take it easy, yoga allows you to exercise without doing further harm to injuries. Read more about the mental and physical benefits of yoga and check out our favorite virtual yoga teachers for an at-home flow.


2. Rowing

If you're looking to break a serious sweat and get your heart rate up without harming your joints, try rowing. We love incorporating this full-body workout machine into our weekly fitness schedule, as it's low-impact, easy on your joints and ligaments, and a killer quad workout. Try these three high-intensity rowing workouts this winter.


3. Hiking

Colorado is perfect for hiking (even in the winter months). And, when on low-grade terrain, hiking is the ideal low-impact exercise. Here are a few of our favorite local day hikes for combatting winter blues and spring fever.


4. Swimming

You may already know this, but the pool is an excellent place to get your low-impact workout on—the buoyancy of the water means little stress put on your joints or bones. Try agua jogging in 2020 for the ultimate, low-impact workout.


5. TRX

If you haven't tried TRX training, add it to your list for the new year. A workout that's kind to your joints and a ton of fun, TRX was invented by a former U.S. Navy Seal, and it utilizes straps and suspension for the ultimate workout. The best part? You can take your straps everywhere, for a convenient, on-to-go fitness regimen. Learn more about TRX and how to do it here. 


What low-impact exercises do you love? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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