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3 Health Investments to Make This Year


vukoo-protein-bars-health-fitness-colorado-gluten-freeInvest in Your Morning and Evening Routine

The best way to cultivate and maintain positive health habits throughout the year? Invest in a morning and evening routine. Go to bed and rise at the same time each day. Set media and phone batteries (thank you, screen time). Wash your face and begin each morning with a glass of water. By practicing the same routine each morning and evening, you train your body and your brain to follow habits. This will make it easier to eat three wholesome meals a day and keep on track with your workout schedule. 


Invest in Your Food

We know that shopping for organic and local produce can be expensive and sometimes time-consuming. But it's so worth it. Not only is organic food better for your overall health and the environment (as is shopping local and seasonal), but organic food also tastes better. And you often get more nutrients (without the additives). Buying from local farmers is also an excellent way to support your community and small businesses. Even if you can afford to purchase one or two organic and local products this year, make it a goal to up the quality of what you eat. You can also cut costs down by growing a few veggies at home or buying produce that is in-season. 


Invest in Your Body

You don't have to splurge at the spa to care for your body. Try implementing at-home spa days this year by investing in a foam roller (you should be doing this already), a dry brush, and essential oils and scrubs. Upgrade your mattress or at least your pillow to something with more support for a better night sleep. Treat your muscles and your skin to some self-care with hot baths, stretching, detox scrubs, and (if you have a partner you can trade with) the occasional massage. We promise your fitness routine will be that much more effective if you care for your body outside of the gym.


How are you investing in your health this year? Share your tips with us 

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