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Why Foam Rolling is an Essential Part of Your Workout

If you haven't been incorporating foam rolling into your daily routine, all we can say is:

You've been missing out.

foam rolling

Foam rolling not only feels amazing (it hurts so good!), but it's essential for relieving muscle tightness and improving your mobility. And, according to a SELF interview with Ashley Borden, a celebrity trainer in Los Angeles, "spending a little one-on-one time with a foam roller can help improve your mobility so every exercise is more efficient and effective, putting you closer to your goals, whether you’re looking to build lean muscle or burn fat."

Foam rolling is also necessary for those of us who sit all day (because sitting is the new smoking).

When you roll, you work on your fascia - a layer of connective tissue surrounding your body's muscles. Because your fascia can become knotted after sitting all day (hence to why you feel stiff), it's important to roll out all that tension. 

If you haven't used a foam roller before, now is the time to start.

You can either pick one up at your local sporting store (Target and Walmart also sell them) or borrow the ones at your gym. The benefit of having a foam roller at home though is that you're more likely to use it every day, even if you skip your workout or exercise outside. 

You can use your roller all over your body, but you'll especially want to focus on your back and legs, just make sure to take it easy the day after leg day! For a straightforward guide, check out the 7 Best Foam Rolling Exercises Your Body is Begging You to Do by Women's Health (spoiler: these foam rolling exercises are not only for women).


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