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Tips for Easing Back into Routine this Fall

If you've started back up at school in the past few days, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the sudden change in your daily routine. While summer months are perfect for unwinding, sleeping in, and getting your workout in when you feel like it, the fast-paced days and busyness that comes with fall can quickly stress us out if we don't plan accordingly. To help ease back into a routine as we shift seasons, here are a few tips to stay healthy and happy, even in the busier months:


1. Schedule Your Workouts

In the summer, it was easy to exercise when you felt like it. Morning run? Sure. Afternoon hike? You bet. During school though, it's essential to set aside time for the gym.

We recommend experimenting with different times for the first few days, to see what feels best for this season. Even if you've been a morning workout person in the past, you might find your schedule this semester best accommodates a pre-dinner sweat sesh. Either way, make sure you've got a solid block of time in your day for exercising your body.


2. Meal Prep on the Weekends

While we're going to miss the slow summer nights of cooking fresh veggies from the garden or eating out with friends, we're also eager to get back into a healthy and habitual meal prep routine that aligns with our fitness goals. 

Preparing your meals during the weekends is an excellent way to ensure you're eating whole, nutritional foods all week long. Just don't forget to cut up some veggies and fruits for snacks, and stock your fridge with Vukoo bars!


3. Go to Bed on Time, At the Same Time

Gone are the long, sleepless nights of summer with friends; it's time to revamp a healthy bedtime routine. Start by winding down for the night at least one hour before you need to go to sleep -- that means no eating, staring at a tv/screen, or engaging in high-stress activities. Try instead to drink tea or read a book. Warm baths are also wonderful for easing your body into relaxation.

Go to bed at the same time each night during the week so that your body can feel rested and ready for the following day. Check out a few of sleep tips if you're having trouble easing back into a bedtime routine.


How are you easing back into a routine as we transition seasons? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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