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Your Gut Health Matters

From bloating and stomach irritation to indigestion and constipation, taking care of our guts is an essential part of maintaining optimal health. And by drinking enough H20 and eating whole foods (preferably ones packed with fiber), we can make sure everything in our bodies is running smoothly.

So, avoid ‘gut-wrenching’ stomach pains and keep your body in tip-top shape with these tips for better gut health because, as Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut.”


Drink Water

Sounds too easy, right? Water is key to digestion and gut health as it helps to break down fiber and ensure everything that needs to ‘flow’ out of your body, does so. Drink a lot of water all day, every day. Carry a bottle with you, drink a glass first thing in the morning, etc. etc. You know the drill: we’re passionate about hydration, and you should be too. Your gut will thank you.


Lay Off the Sugary Drinks—And the Sugar

Speaking of water, make it your beverage of choice. Too much caffeine, alcohol, and sugary drinks aren’t great for digestion as these drinks dehydrate you. Moreover, too much sugar, in general, is a bad idea for gut health. Unless it is the kind of sugar that comes in the form of fruit, lay off. Processed, packaged, and sugary foods don’t break down the way whole foods do and are therefore hard for your body to digest.


Take a Probiotic

If your bloating is going away or you feel ‘backed up,’ you can always take a probiotic to get things moving and clear out your system. Sauerkraut (sans the hot dog) and kombucha are also excellent for digestion. Other gut-healing foods and drinks include turmeric, ginger, green tea,  leafy greens, and beets.

Remember, taking care of your gut is essential to health. Your stomach is what’s responsible for breaking down all the vitamins and nutrients you need and fueling your body, so treat it well.


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