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Should You Do The Same Workouts Every Day?

We'll be the first to admit: we're creatures of habit. Especially when it comes to health and fitness, there is nothing like a good routine to keep us in check and help maintain consistency in our diet and workouts. But aside from routines being a bit dull now and then (who doesn't love to spice things up!?), there may actually be some negative consequences when it comes to too much consistency. Here's what we mean.


1. Repetitive Workouts Can Lead To Plateaus

You read that right: doing the same workout over and over, no matter how challenging it may seem, can lead to a fitness plateau. Have you ever noticed that you'll be working out super hard for a few weeks or months, say doing the same HIIT class five days a week, and you hardly see or feel any changes in your body? Yea, it's a big bummer. That's because our bodies become comfortable when we don't incorporate new exercises into our fitness routine. So, switch it up.


2. But Maintain Some Consistency 

That said, our bodies do need some consistency in fitness and diet, which is especially true when counting macros or when trying to build a specific muscle. If you're switching up your workout every day, you aren't focusing enough on certain muscle groups, and you're not going to see results as quickly as you'd like. 


3. Aim For Balance

The key is to find that sweet spot, where you switch up your workouts enough so that you don't plateau but you also spend enough time and focus on individual exercises. For us, this looks like incorporating a balanced amount of cardio and strength training into our week while also focusing on rest and recovery (and stretching!). Don't forget about being active outside of the gym, either! Hiking, surfing, weekend bike rides--these are all great for your body too. 


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