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3 Ways to Care for Your Mental Health

We talk a lot about physical health here on the blog. Whether it be exercising or the foods we put in our bodies, we're fans of exploring exciting and sustainable ways to make health a way of life, not just a diet or short-term goal. 

But mental health is not to be missed. Caring for our soul and state of mind is equally important to taking care of our physical health. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do just that:




Meditation and Mindfulness

Whether it's meditation apps (we love Headspace), sitting in quiet for a few hours each morning, or investing in a weekend retreat, the benefits of meditation are not lost on us. Setting aside time to meditate reduces stress and anxiety, improves attention span and sleep, and promotes overall emotional health. It has even been said to benefit you physically, helping with everything from blood pressure to pain. 


See a Therapist/Counselor 

Therapy isn't only for trauma or the tough stuff. Talking with someone can be wonderful at any stage of your life and often contributes to healthier thought patterns and overall emotional wellbeing. Therapy is also excellent if you are an extremely busy person and struggle to set aside time to process your feelings. Having a separate and safe space to do this can be transformative for your mental health.


Take a Vacation

Let's face it; our culture often frowns upon rest. Society tells us that if you want to be successful, you need to work harder, to fight for your dreams, and be the last person in the office. These tropes are as tired as we are though. Studies show that working longer hours does not lead to more productivity. Read this article about a four-day work week to learn why. The point is, vacation time is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing. It doesn't have to be an expensive or exotic getaway. We're simply talking about time away from screens. It can be a staycation in your city or a weekend drive to the mountains. Whatever it is and wherever you go, leave the work at home. Be intentional with your rest so that you can be that much more productive when you return. 


Check out some of our other posts if you're interested in learning more about emotional and mental wellbeing. And then share with us how you take care of your mental health on Facebook or Instagram! 

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