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How To Use A Lacrosse Ball To Massage Your Muscles

There are many benefits to using a small lacrosse ball to massage your muscles. For one, it's super small and therefore easily transportable from your home to the gym to even your office. Compared to massage guns and even more expensive foam rollers, Lacrosse balls are also affordable. This makes them an ideal and accessible option for anyone looking to give their muscles a little love before and after workouts

You may be asking yourself, though--why use a lacrosse ball at all? Stimulating circulation, for one thing. According to the writers over at Calisthenics 101, "Myofascial therapy like lacrosse massage ball can enhance circulation through freeing up the tight areas where there are restrictions on blood flow."

Additionally, using a lacrosse ball to massage your muscles before your workout can help enhance your performance. Essentially, you're helping to loosen up your muscles and ease tension. Doing a 10-15 minute massage pre-workout can also improve your joint movement and flexibility. 

Curious about using it after as well? When used to massage major muscles, Lacrosse balls can alleviate soreness and muscle fatigue. It's really a win-win regardless of when you use it. 

You'll just need one lacrosse ball and a space on the floor or gym mat to get started. We prefer to roll out at home before heading to the gym, but you can do it there as well. Focus on major muscle groups, like your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. And be sure to use your body for support so that you're not putting too much pressure on one area.

Here's a great video tutorial to show you what we mean. You can also use a lacrosse ball to help relieve neck and shoulder tension (tutorial here) and on your feet to help with anxiety.

Incorporate this form of body care into your fitness routine a few times a week, if not daily, for optimal results. And notice how your workouts improve and your body feels better! 


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