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6 Reasons You May Not Be Getting The Most Out Of Your Workouts

Sometimes, our workouts can be frustrating, especially when we're not getting the results we desire. And those results aren't always physical, either. Ideally, exercise should lend us more energy and help us to feel like our best selves. So it can be frustrating when we're putting time in at the gym but still feeling crummy. 

There are few reasons this may be happening. Of course, if you're not feeling great, you should always talk to your doctor. But if you know you're physically fine, there could be other reasons you're not feeling your best. Here are a few:


You're not getting enough sleep

To train our bodies in the gym, we need to be well-rested. Have you been getting eight or more hours of quality sleep at night? Are you going to bed at roughly the same time and calling quits on media an hour or so before hitting the sack? If you're not feeling great during workouts, take a look at your sleeping habits.


You're not stretching before or after you exercise

Stretching is a huge part of exercise. It helps prevent injury and it's necessary for optimal recovery. Read more about stretching here.


You're not eating enough before (or after) your workouts

We need fuel to propel our workouts, and not just any fuel either. Healthy and nutrient-packed foods help our bodies prepare for and recover from workouts. That's why we believe in JERFing.


Your shoes don't fit—literally

Shoes are an important part of your workout uniform, and that's because, depending on what you're doing, you need optimal support and absorbance. Going for a run? You'll want shoes that protect your joints. Working on cross-training? There's a specific shoe for that too.


You aren't pushing yourself enough. Or, you're pushing yourself too hard

Exercise is all about balance and syncing your mind and body. There's a sweet spot we're always trying to reach--we want to push ourselves to the next level but also listen to our bodies so that we don't push ourselves to the point of injury or exhaustion. If you're not sure how to find this middle ground, it may be worth working out with a trainer or using a fitness plan to keep you accountable to your goals. Otherwise, you may quit when you get tired or push yourself too hard when your body isn't ready yet.


You haven't let your body heal from an injury

If you're recovering from an injury--whether recently or something from years ago--your body is going to need you to make adjustments during exercise. If that's the case, talk to your doctor or a physical therapist about adjustments you can make to protect once-injured joints, bones, or muscles.


Have you been getting the most out of your workouts? If not, why do you think that is? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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