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Here's Another Reason Why We're JERFing


A recent study in Europe has found a potential link between heavily processed foods and cancer. Think foods made with ingredients that are not typically found at home. They include chicken nuggets, tv dinners, instant noodles, and most anything packaged with a lot of additives and chemical-type ingredients. According to the study, increased consumption of these types of food (as little as a 10 percent increase) can heighten the risk of cancer by 12 percent.

While the results need to be consulted and confirmed with other studies, we wanted to share this research as a good reminder for why JERF-ing (Just Eat Real Foods) is so important.

Eating real foods -- such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. -- is not only good for your weight and fitness goals, but it can save you from preventable and life-threatening diseases that are often associated with processed foods and poor diet. Moreover, eating real foods will make you feel better. It will clear up your skin and give you more energy. It will help you to sleep better, move better, and just overall be better.

Real foods are nutritious; they feed and fuel our bodies so that they can perform well and sustain active lives. Processed foods on the other hand -- especially ones with a long list of ingredients that you can't pronounce -- just lead to things like weight gain, mental fog, overeating, bloating, and long-term health problems. This is especially true when consumed in large amounts or over an extended period.

Look, we get it. Fast food and processed foods are everywhere. Sometimes we forget our lunch or we are out with friends and it's just easier to order food off the dollar menu. And, let's be real, it doesn't taste terrible. 

But even the occasional frozen pizza or dollar menu burger is harmful to our health. Maybe it won't cause cancer, and maybe it won't lead to diabetes. But we can promise it won't make you feel good. How do we know? Because it doesn't make us feel good either!

Real food is best for our bodies -- cancer or not. Real food is what helps us thrive and live our very best lives. So, as we head into a long three-day weekend, let's remember to eat real foods. Our bodies will be grateful.


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