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Did You Know? 4 Facts About Vukoo Bars

Vukoo Bars aren't just your average protein bars, and this week, we're sharing a few of our favorite facts about these mighty meal replacements:


1. Vukoo Bars are Gluten-Free

You heard that right: every single Vukoo Bar is gluten-free. The SIGBU bars. The NEGU bars. The BIYU bars. They are all made with the highest-quality gluten-free ingredients, making them a perfect protein bar option for people with Celiac disease and those who've chosen to eliminate gluten from their diet.


2. Vukoo Bars are Made with Local Ingredients

Not only are Vukoo Bars gluten-free, but our bars are also made with high-quality, local ingredients. We're all about supporting local businesses and sourcing from nearby farmers, too. Our NEGU bars, for example, are made with raw Colorado Wildflower honey, and they are made locally in Colorado. We're always passionate about supporting and giving back to local businesses.


3. Vukoo Bars Actually Taste Good

Surprising, right? A protein bar that actually tastes good? Don't take our word for it, though. Read the reviews online. Drea, one of our recent reviewers, wrote, 

"I just bought one of these in the Denver airport at Rootdown ... I opened it just to try it and couldn’t stop eating it! These are awesome!!! I had the dark chocolate almond coconut one."

You can read reviews for each specific bar on the product pages.


4. Vukoo Bars Give Back

At Vukoo, we're passionate about giving back. That's why, for every Vukoo bar sold, we donate to the A21 Campaign and help combat human trafficking and global slavery (if you didn't know, it's still a huge problem). You can read more about the ways we give back in our blog post, For Every Vukoo Bar You Eat, You Help Fight Slavery and Human Trafficking.


Did anything on this list surprise you? What were you excited to find out about Vukoo Bars? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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