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How To Expand Your Scope Of Training


As the old saying goes: Humans are creatures of habit. And we can't lie; there is nothing quite as satisfying as a honed-in and perfected fitness routine. We like feeling comfortable in our bodies and at the gym; we like knowing exactly what we'll be doing for training and what equipment or classes or machines we need to reach our goals. But here's the thing—sometimes, routine can keep us stuck in a rut and lead to eventual plateaus. 

That's why, today, we're discussing the importance of expanding your scope of training. What do we mean by this? Well, it's fairly simple. If you're a person who is always going to HIIT classes, it's time to shake things up and shock your body a bit by trying something entirely new—like pilates or a low-impact exercise. If you're someone who loves long runs and keeping a consistent pace for many miles, expanding your scope may look like trying out interval training and sprints. Better yet, you may want to shock your body even more and hop on a bike or jump into the pool.

And we're not just doing this for shock factor, either. When you always do the same thing, you're only training the same muscles (both in your brain and body) over and over. Branching out helps you to grow both physically and also on a mental level. 

Likewise, sometimes we don't always have access to the gym or our classes that we're comfortable with. When we're traveling or our schedules are off (for, say, summer vacation), it's important we feel comfortable staying active in other ways. Otherwise, we only stick with what we know and never try new things, even when those new activities are really fun and challenging for us. 

So, why not get outside (or inside) and try a new type of workout this weekend? Be creative and try something you'd never imagine yourself doing; challenge yourself and don't be afraid of going back to that beginner stage to learn something new. You've got this!  

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