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The Benefits of Biking

It's hard to believe we're already in the second half of summer. Despite it being exceptionally warm outside, the days are getting shorter and (will eventually) get cooler as we make our way towards fall. 

But we're not done soaking up everything summer has to offer just yet. Even with the pandemic and a very strange year, we're loving getting outside and exercising our bodies with plenty of space and social distance to spare. 

One of the activities we've come to love during this time is biking. With fewer cars on the roads and open trails, it's been fun to explore our city and mountains from the vantage of two wheels. 

Biking is also incredible for your health--which is one of the reasons we love it so much. Why not exercise while also enjoying an activity that is good for your mental health, your emotional health, and even the planet? 

Here are just a few of the reasons we've taken to cycling this summer--and why we plan to continue hopping on our bikes even in the fall. Consider joining us! 


1. Biking is Good For the Planet

As noted, biking is one of the most sustainable transportation methods, up there with walking. As it doesn't use fuel or give off carbon emissions, it's an excellent way to get around town without polluting the environment. It's also incredibly affordable, and who doesn't love that? Consider buying a used bike and learning how to fix it up to really spare the planet. 


2. Biking Lets Us Breathe

Literally. And these days, we could all use more time outside--while practicing social distance regulations, of course. Soak up that fresh mountain air and let it heal your mind and your body. We promise it's good for you. 


3. Biking Is A Full Body Workout

Forget the gym or those playground HIIT sessions--at least for now. Biking is a full-body workout that is excellent for cardio, strength training, and weight loss. Like with any workout, we recommend listening to your body and stretching before and after your rides. This will reduce the risk of injury and help to ensure you're not limping the day after your trail ride.


4. Biking is Fun

It sounds silly, but this point is so important. How many things do we do for fun anymore? Biking reminds us that it's fun to go fast and to be playful. And these reminders help to reduce stress and tension while supporting mental and emotional wellbeing. It's seriously that good. 


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