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Dandelion: The One Weed You Should Eat This Spring

Ah, dandelions. Does anyone else feel nostalgic when thinking back to childhood days, the ones where you'd roam the schoolyard or football field during recess and pluck a handful of the yellow, weedy flowers?  Well surprise, surprise--these wild growing flowers are not only perfect for picking and make floral crowns, but also for optimal health this spring.

While it may be strange to think about consuming dandelions (we don't recommend eating them raw in the fields), they are actually excellent for your health. Here are a few of the many health benefits of dandelions, as well as a few of our favorite ways to eat them.


1. Dandelions Benefit Your Digestion

One of our favorite benefits of this potent flower, dandelions are great for your digestion. Because they contain inulin (a carb that does wonders for your gut), dandelions are wonderful for supporting digestion and keeping everything flowing--if you know what we mean.


2. Dandelions Aid Your Immune System

Perfect for combatting springtime germs and warding off sicknesses, dandelion has antimicrobial properties that can help protect you from infections. Traditionally, dandelion supplements have also been used as a natural remedy for curing hepatitis. 


3. Dandelions Help Control Diabetes

Recent studies show that consuming dandelions can help to control diabetes by encouraging insulin production. The flower has anti-diabetic properties and can help to rid the body of excess sugar.


4. Dandelions Can Help With Weight Loss

Drinking dandelion tea is said to help with weight loss because it helps fat and cholesterol to break down. Fitness coaches recommend drinking the tea before or after meals to stimulate digestion and the effective breakdown of your meal.


How to Eat Dandelions for Health

Like we said before, don't just go outside and begin eating dandelions. While you can technically harvest and prepare dandelions from the wild, it's easiest and safest to Instead visit your local health store for dandelion-based products. Our favorites include dandelion tea and dandelion greens to mix in with salads.


Have you tried dandelions before? Tell us your thoughts and share your favorite ways to eat dandelions with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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