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The Benefits of Barre, and Why You Should Try a Class This Spring


If you haven't tried a barre workout, this spring is the time. Perfect for toning, sculpting, and strengthening your core, barre classes are excellent for achieving your desired muscle definition just in time for your beach vacation. They are also just a ton of fun! 

Barre classes revolve around isometric contractions (when your muscle tenses up without changing or lengthening). These happen whenever you are doing tiny pulses, wall sits, or, in this case, a million calf raises. 

One of the main benefits of isometric contractions apart from strengthening your muscles is there is less likelihood of injury compared to movements done in traditional strength training and lifting. It's also low-impact, making it perfect for anyone with injuries or sensitive knees. 

Barre classes are excellent for improving flexibility, balance, and range of motion in your body. There is quite a bit of stretching involved, and exercises that require body expansion. After only a few sessions, you're sure to notice less tension and greater mobility in your limbs.

Because you're standing at a ballet barre for the majority of the class (generally with one foot off of the ground), barre classes are also an excellent way to improve your posture, as well as your overall balance. The benefits are endless.

Finally, if you're after summer abs, you'll want to trade your ab class for a session at the barre. That's right: barre is one of the absolute best workouts for strengthening your core muscles. Because of the tiny, tiny movements during each exercise, you're working abdominal muscles that you didn't even know you had. 

If you are interested in trying barre, do a quick Google search to see what studios are nearby. Most offer introductory packages or a guest pass for first-time visitors--Pure Barre in Colorado Springs is one of our favorite locations, and they have studios spread throughout the country. Don't forget to bring your water and post-workout fuel! 


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