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Colorful Foods To Eat This Weekend

The weekend is here, as is May!  Our mouths are watering thinking about all the fresh produce coming to the stores this season. To get us ready for the weekend, we're dreaming up summer-inspired dishes with colorful fruit and veggies. Here are a few of our favorite we can't wait to incorporate into our weekend dishes: 



May means melons are back in season! (Say that three times fast.) Load up on some of your favorites at the store this weekend, and don't forget the cantaloupe. These orange and juicy melons are as low in calories as they are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Eat plain or with a drizzle of fresh and local honey for a summer-inspired breakfast. 



With warmer weather approaching, we have Tex-Mex and Mexican-inspired dishes on our minds. And while we're laying low on the tortilla chips, we're loading up our burrito bowls with a hefty sprinkling of jalapeños. These spicy green peppers have a superpower ingredient: capsaicin. According to research, this alkaloid "gives peppers their characteristic spicy quality and is responsible for many of their health benefits," including Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. 



How about some oven roasted eggplant for dinner this weekend? This shiny purple fruit (yes, fruit!) is low in calories, rich in fiber and potassium, and delicious. Coat in your favorite spices or with a heaping spoonful of marinara sauce. Just don't eat the leaves off the eggplant; those things are toxic. 



We can't forget the leafy greens! Arugula is our favorite salad base (sorry, kale), mainly for its peppery taste and antioxidant superpowers. As arugula is composed of mostly water, it's also incredibly hydrating. Eat it as a salad, mixed with your eggs, stirred into soup, or as a filling in your sandwich—it's literally perfect on and with everything. 


What colorful foods are you eating this weekend? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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