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5 Wellness Gifts for Mother's Day


With Mother's Day happening in a few weekends, and most of the USA continuing to practice stay-at-home instructions, gift-giving is a bit more complicated. While many of us would be visiting our moms or out shopping for a last-minute gift, we're limited to online shopping and Zoom Mother's Day brunches. 

But just because we may not physically be there for our mothers doesn't mean we can't send her a gift. And what says "I love you" and "thanks for being my mom" more than a health and wellness-focused present?

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for mother's day gifts this year: 


1. Online Yoga Membership

With gyms and yoga studios closed, gift Mom an online yoga membership this spring. We love Core Power on Demand, as well as Gaia. You can send your mom a new mat, too! We love these eco-friendly yoga mats from Manduka


2. Cooking Class

Since most restaurants are closed due to COVID, many chefs are offering online cooking classes—and some are even free! Here's a list of 9 that we're eager to try ourselves. 


3. Produce Boxes

Produce boxes are a great way to support local farmers, get fresh and organic veg, and eliminate trips to the grocery store. Consider signing Mom up for a membership and have some fresh fruits and veggies sent her way! 


4. Handmade Mug

This one's more for mental health (although tea is excellent for your physical health, too), but why not gift Mom a handmade mug from Etsy? Not only does this gift support local makers, but it's a unique way to say, "I love you." Plus, a warm beverage is a wonderful way to encourage pause and stress-free living. 


5. Vukoo Bars

Of course, you'll want to send Mom a box of Vukoo Bars, too! Who doesn't love a healthy, nutritious, and fueling protein bar? We recommend the BIYU bars as a replacement for chocolate.  


How are you celebrating your mom this Mother's Day? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!



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