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How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Afar

Mother's Day is this weekend and, while we wish we could be in-person with our mothers (or mother figures), many of us have to celebrate from afar. Even still, there are ways to feel close and connected to Mom amid social distancing orders. Apart from sending a wellness-inspired gift, here are a few of the ways we're virtually celebrating our mothers:  


Taking an Online Yoga Class Together

Many yoga studios and instructors are offering special classes for Mother's Day this year. While we can't be with Mom in person, we can roll out our mats together and practice from our respected homes. Using Facetime or Zoom, we can participate together and even send one another hellos in the comments section of the video! 


Cook Dinner Together

Of course, we'd rather be cooking for Mom on Sunday. But since that's not advised unless you already live together, consider cooking on a video call and following the same recipe. If we can't eat dinner with Mom in-person, at least we can be socializing while preparing the same meal together. Try one of these lentil dish recipes.


Explore Your Neighborhoods Together

Get outside and be active this Mother's Day by taking a walk around the neighborhood and soaking up the Vitamin D. Since you can't be with Mom in-person, bring her along on your phone. If you'd rather not be on your device while walking, plan to go on your walks at the same time and check back in once you've returned to the house. Tell your Mom about the things you saw, the flowers that are blooming, and any neighbors you ran into (at a 6-foot distance) while wandering the sidewalks. 


Lastly, remember to tell your Mom (or mother figure) that you love and appreciate them. While you can't be together in-person this year, life won't always be this way. 


How are you celebrating Mom this Mother's Day? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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