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4 Reasons Why Hiking Is Truly The Greatest Workout

It's no secret we're big fans of hiking. Maybe it's because we have the mountains at our doorstep or the fact that there are so many trails in Colorado it's impossible ever to get bored. Nevertheless, there is nothing like a weekend spent outside in the great outdoors. Best of all, hiking is one of the most well-rounded workouts, as it benefits our physical health and mental wellbeing. 

Not convinced just yet? Here are just of the reasons why hiking is truly the greatest workout:


1. It Means Spending Time Outside—In Fresh Air & Nature

Gyms are great, and we definitely don't take them for granted. Exercising at the park is fantastic, too, as is utilizing outdoor space to get your daily sweat in. But nothing compares to time spent in nature. Not only does hiking mean getting outside, but the sport offers us immersion in one of the earth's greatest gifts: the mountains. 


2. Hiking Is Great Solo, or With Your Community

Whether you're looking for solitude or wishing to spend quality time with family and friends, hiking has you covered. The trails are a great place to go to clear your head; they're also awesome for conversations and relationship building. Personally, we like hiking with our four-legged friends.


3. You Get To Work Your Body and Your Mind

Depending on your experience, hiking can actually be an incredibly challenging activity, both mentally and physically. Especially if you're headed for a summit or going over rock scrambles, you need your mind to propel you forward and solve route problems. It's a sport that requires presence and grounding. While you can definitely let your mind wander from time to time, you'll also need it to overcome obstacles and solve problems.


4. Hiking Is a Form of Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health, period. Hiking, like other outdoor activities, has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall wellbeing. During 2020 especially, hiking can be a great natural remedy for working through grief and stress. 


Have we convinced you? If so, check out our blog on how to get the most out of hiking here. And then share your adventures with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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