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How To Stay Active While At Home



Many of us have been staying safer-at-home for the past few weeks. While some remain on the front lines of COVID-19 (hospital workers, delivery drivers, store employees, just to name a few), a large portion of us remain in our homes and away from others. 

While at home, it's easy to remain sedative. Especially with national parks closed and even hiking trails in some states, it can be challenging to keep active throughout the day. 

We'll admit, it definitely takes creativity to stay moving during these times. This is especially true if you live in an apartment or if you're living in a colder climate (long neighborhood walks aren't ideal with freezing temperatures). 

Here are a few of the ways we're making an effort to stay active and combat immobility:


1. Movement first thing in the morning

After a night's sleep, our bodies are begging for movement first thing in the morning. Whether doing a few laps around the house, going for a neighborhood walk, or rolling out our yoga mat, we're aiming to get the blood flowing and move our limbs as the first task of the day.


2. Use your watch or phone timer for movement reminders

We're setting the alarm on our phone to remind us to move throughout the day. Every hour or so, a notification informs us it's time to walk up the stairs or do some intentional stretches. It sounds silly, but sometimes we drop to the floor and rep out a handful of push-ups. Whatever it takes, this tip helps us stay active throughout the day. 


3. Working while standing 

If you're fortunate enough to work from home, we recommend setting up your office with a standing desk. You can also use a fitness ball as opposed to a dining chair to support your back and improve posture. 


4. At-home workouts 

Whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening, we're still getting in our daily workout. We love Youtube videos or self-created workouts for exercising in our living room. Try some of our at-home workouts for a fail-proof sweat sesh


How are you staying active throughout the day? Share with us your at-home workouts on Facebook or Instagram!


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