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How to Make the Most of the Holiday Weekend

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day weekend. Summer--even the most unconventional one--flew by, and suddenly we're thinking about fall foods and cooler temperatures. Like with all holiday weekends, we're excited about rest and good food, and time spent doing the activities we love. Here are just a few ways we're practicing balance:


1. Keep Your Sleep Schedule

Over three-day weekends, it can be easy to stay up late and sleep your mornings away. While there is nothing wrong with catching a few extra z's (and we definitely recommend getting rest), try to keep your sleep schedule mostly consistent. Not only will you get more out of your weekend and feel better throughout the day, but you also won't be exhausted come Tuesday when it's time to go back to school or your at-home office. 


2. Stay Active

In many parts of the country, Labor Day Weekend is one of the last truly warm weekends before fall weather begins. Take advantage of the still-warm, still-long days by spending them outside, preferably doing something active. Go for hikes, neighborhood walks, or afternoon swims. 


3. Don't Overdue the Junk Food

It's a holiday weekend--meaning good (socially distant) company, good food, and relaxing evenings. Holiday weekends are always a great time for treats or indulging in our favorite adult beverages. But remember that a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is all about balance. It's great to have a few of your favorite not-so-nutritious foods now and then; remember to balance them out with vitamin-rich produce. For example, if you're having a BBQ on Saturday evening, make sure you're drinking plenty of water and eating nutrient-dense foods for breakfast and lunch. Have fun, but take care of your body as well. 


How are you planning to stay balanced over the holiday weekend? Share your tips with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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