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4 Reasons to Up Your Banana Intake This Summer

One of our favorite fruits to eat in the summer, bananas are an excellent source of nutrients - they are also delicious! Enjoyed in smoothies, fruit salads, baked in bread, or on their own, we are encouraging everyone to up their banana intake this summer. Here are a few reasons why:


1. Bananas are excellent for your heart

Did you know that potassium controls your blood pressure, and therefore keeps your heart healthy? Bananas are loaded with potassium; one medium-sized fruit has around 450 mg (adults are recommended to consume approximately 3,500 mg of potassium a day). Because yogurt is also rich in this essential nutrient - about 400 mg per 6 oz of plain non-fat yogurt - we highly recommend combining the two foods for a snack or breakfast.


2. Bananas are also high in B6

B6, a nutrient that benefits your brain, energy levels, and skin production among other things, is an essential vitamin for your diet. Can you guess what fruit has a lot of it? Bananas. One medium-sized banana has a little more than thirty percent of your recommended daily intake of B6.


3. Bananas are cheap 

If you haven't noticed, bananas are one of the cheapest fruits in the produce aisle. Depending on where you shop, they can be as inexpensive as $1 or $2 for a large bunch. Of course, we recommend buying organic, and local when its farmers market season. Even still, bananas are one of the most affordable fruits to add to your diet. 


4. Bananas are easy to eat and accessible

Another benefit of bananas is how easy they are to eat on the go. For many of us, it's important that our snacks are convenient to eat and mess-free, sort of like Vukoo bars. We need something we can snack on in the car, at our desk, or on the way to our workout, and bananas meet our criteria. 


What are some of the reasons you are eating more bananas this summer? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram! 

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