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Our Favorite Virtual Yoga Teachers for Your Summer Flow


In one of our recent posts, we recommended taking your yoga practice out of the studio and to the park this summer. Even if you don't regularly practice yoga, there are so many benefits to spending time stretching outdoors that we recommend incorporating it into your weekly workout routine this summer.

If you don't feel comfortable enough to guide your own flow yet, and you'd rather have some expert teachers leading you, we suggest bringing along your laptop, phone, or iPad. Then, under a shaded tree (because who wants sun beating on their face during Shavasana?) and on a flat area of grass, roll out your mat and set up your media device. Here are a few of our favorite online yogis to guide you: 

Yoga With Adriene

We love the variety of yoga videos Adriene offers to her students - and all for free! Whether you want a short practice, need to focus on a specific area of your body, or are looking to ramp up your flow, Adriene has something for everyone. Plus her dog is the coolest. 

Watch Yoga with Adriene Online


Yoga With Tim

If you'd rather have a guy leading you through your yoga in the park routine, check out yoga with Tim, also free and on Youtube. We love Tim's 30-day yoga challenge to keep you accountable all summer long. 

Watch Yoga with Tim Online


Five Parks With Erin Sampson

Want a yoga teacher who is actually teaching yoga in the park? Check out the fantastic videos from yoga instructor Erin Sampson. Leading students through a virtual flow from the outdoors in both Costa Rica and Colorado (represent!), we are big fans of energizing videos. Like the others, they are also on Youtube and available at no cost.

Watch Five Parks with Erin Sampson


Are you planning on doing some yoga in the park this summer? Tell us about it on Facebook and Instagram! And as a reminder, don't forget to hydrate a refuel post workout. May we recommend a Vukoo bar? 

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