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Summer Vacation Health Tips, Part One: 3 Ways to Stay Active on Vacation

Summer is the season of vacations! With school out and the sun shining, everyone seems to be ready to pack their bags and head for the beach (we know we plan to)! 

While vacations are essential for our mental health and to allow ourselves rest and time with the ones we love, time away from our usual routine can also lead to excessive eating and not enough exercise. Don't get us wrong; we are big fans of some r&r and indulging our sweet tooth now and then. More than not though, we always end up coming back from our trips feeling like we overate and need a serious detox. Can you resonate? 

To help combat overindulgence during travel this summer, we thought it'd be best to put together a little blog series on staying active and eating healthy during vacation. Split into three parts over the next three weeks, here are some helpful guidelines for optimal health (that don't include going to the gym), even while on vacation.


Part One: 3 Ways to Stay Active on Vacation

1. Get in the water

If you're going to the beach or somewhere with a pool this summer, don't just lay in the sand. Yes, we recommend spending some time napping and reading your favorite book in the sun, but we also challenge you to get in the water. Swim some laps; take up surfing; play water volleyball. Whatever it is, just get up off your towel and jump in the waves.


2. Walk and bike places

Instead of taking taxis or renting a car, opt for walking and biking around the places you travel. If you are staying at a resort, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and spend mornings walking along the beach or exploring the property. And if you are traveling to a big city, rent a bike or take a bike tour to explore while getting in your exercise. Many towns also have walking tours that are free and perfect for learning about a new place alongside a local.


3. Try something new

Similar to surfing or riding bikes to explore a city, take up a new activity that you aren't able to do back home. If you're near the water, consider learning how to scuba dive, or if you're visiting the country, learn to ride horseback. Hiking, while not new, is also an excellent way to spend time outside while experiencing wherever it is you are visiting. 


How do you plan to stay active on vacation this summer? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram! And don't forget to stay tuned for part two and three of our summer vacation health tips - to be published in the coming weeks! 

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