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Summer Vacation Health Tips, Part Two: 3 Ways to Eat Well

We're in the middle of a blog post series: Summer Vacation Health Tips. If you haven't read part one, we recommend checking it out before continuing on to part two, written below.

Because many of us are headed on vacation this summer, we thought it'd be helpful to cover some guidelines for maintaining optimal health during travels. While we are not recommending you spend your vacation time in the resort gym or skip out on all the fantastic food, it's still important to honor our bodies and treat them well. 

In part one, we talked mostly about ways to stay active (outside of the gym) during vacation. In part two though, we want to talk about food, as it is usually what gets most of us in trouble.

Whether it be too many tacos on the beaches of Mexico or the extra plates of pasta in Italy, sometimes we forget to slow down and enjoy each bite while on vacation. You don't have to SKIP the tacos, but you probably don't need to eat ten. 

To help us all maintain our health and diet goals while traveling this summer, here are a few of our personal eating tips:


Part Two: 3 Ways to Eat Well on Vacation

1. Have One, Not Ten

We mentioned this already, but it's worth saying again: don't restrict the foods you allow yourself to eat on vacation. For starters, it's good to treat yourself now and then. It's also silly to travel around the world only to refuse yourself some of the local delicacies because of a weight or fitness goal. Instead, set limitations for how much you allow yourself to eat. Instead of ordering the big plate of pasta in Rome, share it with a friend. Rather than stuffing at the all-you-can-eat dessert table at your resort, pick one treat and savor it. This is good practice for your body, as well as your mind. 


2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Because we often overindulge when it comes to dinner on vacations, challenge yourself to eat a healthy breakfast each morning. Fruit, Vukoo bars, yogurt. This will not only help to give you energy for the day ahead, but it will also help to give your body a break from the excess sugar and alcohol you might be consuming throughout the day.


3. Water, water, water

Don't just get in the water on vacation, drink it! Bring a reusable water bottle with you on your travels so that you can stay hydrated. This is important for your body, especially when spending a lot of time outdoors and in the sun.


How do you plan to keep your diet in check on vacation this summer? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram! And don't forget to stay tuned for part three of our summer vacation health tips - to be published next Friday! 

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