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Summer Vacation Health Tips, Part Three: 3 Ways to Practice Soul Care

The final post in our three-part Summer Vacation Health Tips blog series (you can read part one here and part two here), today we're talking about mental health - mental health on vacation that is.

It's important while on vacation to be intentional with your time away; don't book so many excursions that you don't have time for soul care. As this is your space to rest and rejuvenated after many weeks at work or in school, you want to make sure you return home from vacation feeling more rested, not less (i.e., don't party so hard).



1. Find a Hammock

Headed to the beach? We recommend finding a hammock. Seriously. And not just for napping either. Bring along your favorite books (nothing too serious, this is your week to indulge in your favorite fiction) or load up your phone with the latest podcasts. You can also bring your journal along to scribble down thoughts and reflections. We recommend spending at least an hour a day in a hammock, or somewhere alone in nature. Use this time to be selfish and focus on your emotional and spiritual health. The rest of your day will be better for it. 


2. Don't Overload Your Schedule

When visiting a new place and on vacation, it can be tempting to pack your days out with sites and excursions; don't do this though. While it's fun and exciting to see new things, you don't want to become exhausted. This is your time to relax, remember? Book one or two things that you really want to do or see, and then spend the rest of the time lounging by the pool or in a park with your loved ones. 


3. Take Pictures, But Stay Off Social Media

This is a tricky one, but we recommend avoiding social media, and just your phone in general, while on vacation. Because we live in a culture where we are constantly checking our emails and social accounts already, it can be good for your mental health to take a break. Besides, you are only on vacation for a short time and you will regret being glued to your phone the whole time. Take pictures but wait to upload them until you return home. 


Have tips for taking care of your emotional and mental health on vacation? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram! Happy and healthy travels everyone!

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