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Keep Your Skin Healthy: 3 Reasons to Wash Your Face

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Here on the Vukoo blog, we often talk about wellness and health outside of our workouts, fitness routines, and eating. Why? Because health is not just about what we put in our body or how we exercise it. Health is also about how we take care of our minds and our souls. Health is about knowing when to rest and getting enough sleep. Health is about taking care of our skin.

If you aren’t washing your face already, now is the time to start. Washing your face has many benefits, aside from the apparent reason of feeling clean. Here are a few to keep in mind next time you think about skipping out on your cleansing routine:

1. Your Cells Need Oxygen

Did you know your skin can tell the difference between night and day? Circadian clocks are linked to cell cycles and DNA repair. At night, your skin knows it’s time detox, but when you have build-up from your make-up or dirt clogging your pores, your skin can’t do this. Wash your face before bed so your skin cells can do their thing while you sleep.


2. Keep Your Skin Looking Young

It’s no secret that face wash and anti-aging products can help our skin look young, hydrated, and refreshed. Especially if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun (please wear sunscreen!) or water this summer, it’s essential to hydrate your skin at the end of each day. For products, we recommend using natural and organic, as these are best for your body. Jojoba Oil, an essential oil packed with vitamin E and B, has anti-inflammatory effects and can help to prevent wrinkles and lines. We recommend applying a dime-sized amount after washing your face every evening.

3. Avoid Breakouts

Another reason to wash your face before bed is because clogged pores and build-up on your skin can lead to breakouts and acne. While this may seem superficial and like it’s not a real ‘health concern,’ your skin is an organ and should be taken care of. Acne can also be a sign of other hormonal imbalances going on in your body, as well as digestive issues or vitamin deficiencies. You should talk with your doctor if you think your breakouts are not related to build-up on your skin.


How do you incorporate washing your face into your morning and nightly routine? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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