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4 Outside Workouts for Summer

Take your workout outside this summer by switching up your fitness routine! Here are a few exercises we are looking forward to incorporating into our week: 


1. Crossfit

If you haven't tried CrossFit already, summer is a great time to give it a go. While you might think CrossFit is indoors, most gyms in the city have garage doors they open up for the summer, letting all that fresh Colorado air in. Some gyms even take the workouts outside with tire flips, sprints, and more. There are numerous gyms around the city offering trial passes and intro-to-CrossFit classes to help with form and technique, and it's an excellent, fast-paced workout to keep your body in shape this summer. 


2. Swimming

Skip the indoor pool at your gym and opt instead for a city pool or the one at your apartment complex. While pools can get crowded during the day, nothing beats an early morning (we're talking 5 or 6 am) dip. Create your own workouts by swimming laps, using different strokes, and treading water. You can even incorporate weights into your summer swimming routine.


3. Yoga in the Park

If you've been practicing yoga in a studio, change up your routine by taking your mat to the park. Whether you feel confident enough to guide yourself through sun salutations or need video or audio to help you along (you can use your phone for convenience), taking your practice to the park is a great way to switch things up for the summer.


4. Hiking

If you love spending time in the mountains, you might love hiking as your summer workout - and no, we're not talking about leisure hikes. Instead, climb a 14er (or 2) each week this summer. If you don't have the time for full-day hikes, opt instead for the brutal incline 3 to 4 times a week. Can you say leg burner? 


What are some outside exercises you plan to try this summer? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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