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4 Health Benefits of Beets

Confession: for years, some of us on the Vukoo team have been avoiding eating beets. A vegetable that has always appeared odd in shape and color, it's one of those foods that we've passed over at the farmers market solely because we didn't know how to cook or eat it.

It's the new year though, and in 2019 we're all about trying new things -- especially produce with hard to pronounce names, fun colors, or odd shapes. This past week we've been learning to cook and eat beets. And (spoiler alert!), they're delicious! Here are just a few health benefits of this vibrant root vegetable: 

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1. Beets are low in calories

While we're not ones to tout counting calories (it's more about eating healthy, whole foods), beets are a food low in calories while still giving your body many wonderful nutrients. Vitamin C, magnesium, folate, and iron are only some of the benefits you get when consuming this root vegetable. One cup has just 59 calories.


2. Beets are good for your brain

Did you know that the nitrates in beets are thought to help with brain health? Beets improve blood flow to the frontal lobe and help improve memory according to studies. 


3. Beets are a good source of fiber

Need some help in the digestion department? Add some beets to your salad or soup. With more than 3 grams of fiber per cup, this veggie is a great way to add some extra fiber to your diet. 


4. Beets make us happy

So maybe it's not a 'health benefit,' but beets definitely brighten up our day (and our kitchen counters). I mean how many other foods can you name that are bright pink without any additives? We didn't think so.


Whether you steam them, juice them, bake them, or eat them raw, try incorporating beets into your diet this winter. We promise you'll be happy you did!


Are there vegetables you've been avoiding that you want to try out in 2019? Tell us about it on Facebook and Instagram!

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