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The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to health and fitness. One is that you need to spend hours in the gym to achieve your desired results. But this isn't true. You don't need to spend an afternoon on the treadmill or every morning at the gym weight-lifting to tone your body or lose weight. Exercising is much simpler than that. And that's where interval training comes in. 

It's no secret that we love HIIT (high-intensity interval training). We're all about that post-holiday HIIT session and the 20-minute at-home workouts. Is there anything better than getting the ultimate workout done in under thirty minutes? We don't think so. But you don't have to take our word for it. Studies and fitness experts agree that interval training is one of the quickest and best ways to achieve your desired fitness results. Here are a few of the many benefits of interval training: 


1. Burn Calories - Quickly

There are few things worse than sweating on the stair climber only to find out you burned minimal calories in your 60-minute session. With interval training, you can burn hundreds of calories in less than 20 minutes. In fact, researchers have found you burn 20 to 30% more calories when doing HIIT. And that's GREAT news. 


2. HIIT is Healthy for Your Body

Interval training is also good for your organs. It reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Studies show it leads to more oxygen consumption, too. While long-distance and endurance training are the usual favorites for improving oxygen consumption, HIIT helps as well-- and you only have to work out for about half as long. 


3. Toning and Losing Fat

Interval training is excellent for losing fat and toning your muscles. Forget all the old theories about spending hours in the gym to achieve your desired results. HIIT can do more for your body in a shorter amount of time -- and we LOVE that. HIIT also keeps your metabolic rate high hours after your workout, which means you keep burning calories even hours after leaving the gym. 


If you haven't tried incorporating HIIT workouts into your fitness routine, we strongly suggest doing so ASAP. Interval training is not only good for your health and fitness, but it saves you time and is a ton of fun! Have you experienced the benefits of interval training? Share with us on Facebook or Instagram! 







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