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6 Must Try Acai Bowl Recipes for Breakfast This Summer

If you haven’t made your own acai bowl at home for breakfast, you’re missing out. Packed with antioxidants and fiber, the acai berry, native to South America, is incredible for your health—it’s also extremely tasty. To make an acai bowl, use freeze dried packs or smoothie packs (found in most grocery stores or online). By mixing the acai powder with some of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and plant-based liquids, you can create a healthy, delicious, summer-worthy breakfast. Be warned: You will want to eat an acai bowl every day.

To get you started, we put together a list of some of the Vukoo tribe’s favorite acai bowl recipes. As always, we recommend buying organic and local produce when possible. With warm days in full swing, try shopping at your city’s farmer’s market produce, honey, and more.

And remember, acai bowls ingredients can be crafted and catered to your likes and needs. We highly recommend trying out one of these recipes with a Vukoo protein bar on top! 

acai breakfast bowl

Vukoo Recommend Acai Bowl Recipes:

Mango Acai Smoothie Bowl

by Breakfast Criminals

This recipe is packed with some of our favorite summer staples—mango, papaya, coconut chips…YUM. This bowl also boosts energythanks to the maca—as well as stabilizes hormones and supports bone and teeth health among many other benefits. Needing to feel like you’re on a beach in the Caribbean? This is the bowl for you. 



Sunrise Acai Bowl

by Layers of Happiness

We love this acai bowl because it’s packed with fruit and topped with chocolate chips. Whoever said it isn’t okay to have a little chocolate in the morning? 



Berry Beet Acai Breakfast Bowl

by Gourmet in the Kitchen

Aside from the beautiful pink color the beets add to this bowl, beets aid digestion, boost immunity, and are excellent for heart health. We may not have thought to add beets to our acai bowl, but after seeing this recipe, we’re going to try it.



Acai Berry Detox Bowl

by Goodness Green

The acai berry isn’t the only berry in this bowl. Raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries are also on the ingredient list, as well as almond butter and spinach. If you’re in need of a detox or just want an antioxidant powerhouse bowl, check out this recipe.



Peanut Butter and Berry Acai Bowl

by Fettle Vegan

An acai bowl with peanut butter? Need we say more?



Pumpkin Spice Acai Bowl with Cranberry Crunch

by The Fitnessista

Tuck this recipe away for a warm fall day. Or, test it out when you’re craving fall weather in the near triple digits this summer. With all the favorite autumn spices and health benefits of pumpkin and cranberries, it’s a unique and delicious take on the traditional summer bowl.



What are your favorite acai breakfast bowl recipes? Share with us onFacebook andInstagram!

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