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Elderberry Health Benefits For Winter

Looking for ways to ward off sickness this winter season? Elderberries are a potent natural remedy that can help fight off colds and flus. Used as a natural medicine for centuries, elderberries are one of nature's best remedies because they are rich in antioxidants and immune-boosting properties. They are also safe for kids and can be consumed in a handful of ways. Just don't pick or eat elderberries raw without the guidance of a professional or doctor! It's best to purchase your elderberries from a store or eat safe, already-made products.


Here are a few of the best ways to incorporate elderberries into your health and wellness routine:

1. Drink Elderberry Tea

When you feel sickness coming on, drink a cup of elderberry tea. Rich in immune-boosting magic, elderberry tea is said to alleviate symptoms associated with the flu, as well as reduce a fever. Even if you're not feeling sick, this tea is a healthy and comforting beverage choice for when it's cold out.

You can find elderberry tea at your local health store or online. There are also numerous recipes for making your own with dried elderberries (like this one). Opt for organic and sustainably-sourced variants when possible.


2. Make Elderberry Jam

Using dried elderberries purchased online or at your local grocery store, whip up a batch of fresh elderberry jam to compliment your breakfast. An excellent topping for paleo pancakes or a great addition to acai bowls, elderberry jam is as delicious as it is healthy. Here is the recipe we're eager to try.


3. Take Elderberry Supplements

Elderberry supplements are great to have on hand in your medicine cabinet. You can buy gummies or capsules to help fight off sickness, or just as a dietary supplement for optimal health. A few of our favorite brands include Nature's Way and Havasu Nutrition. Both can be bought on Amazon. You can also purchase elderberry capsules and gummies at your local health store. 


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